Dawson Balls Mark 3 – Primary Colours now WCF approved *Update April 2024*

April 2024 update
Paul has been testing various ways of differentiating the new balls from the old ones. His long term plan will be make new moulds, but this will take time. Therefore, in the interim, the new balls will have a black circle marked inside the Dawson 2000 lettering. This black circle is drawn into the indented circle and so should last some time. Clubs are advised to monitor the marking and re-do it as necessary.
The secondary colours are currently in England being tested.
December 2023
The WCF have now approved the new Mark 3 Dawson balls Primary colours. We hope to receive secondaries for testing very soon.

Paul Manwaring advises that he is now back in production and will be able to meet orders for Primary Colours very soon. His plan is to sell to Australian Clubs from 15 January 2024 onwards and international orders from 15 February 2024.

The WCF wish to thank Paul for his perseverance trying new 'recipes' following one of the key chemicals being banned. Well done for getting this across the line.