Creina Dawson

Hall of Fame
Creina Dawson

Inducted: 2014

Creina Dawson has been one of Australia’s most prominent players, administrators and general contributors over the last forty years.

As a croquet player, Creina has achieved outstanding results at local, State, National and International level.  She has won the Association Croquet Women’s Singles in Australia, England and New Zealand and won the Australian National Golf Croquet Handicap Singles in 2008.

Creina has represented Australia in the Trans-Tasman Test Series against New Zealand on six occasions.  Five were in the Women’s Trans-Tasman Tests held from 1988 to 1997 and the sixth was in 2004.

At State level, she is a Player Life Member of the South Australian Croquet Association by virtue of being an Association Croquet State Team member on at least ten occasions.  Since the inception of the Golf Croquet Interstate Shield, Creina has represented South Australia on five occasions.

As an administrator, Creina served as the ACA Events Manager and Vice-President before becoming President of the Australian Croquet Association from 2003 to 2005.  She also took on the role of ACA Secretary for part of 2005 to 2006.  Creina has served on numerous committees over the years, including National Handicapping Committee and has organized and participated in the Jean Armstrong Shield, which is a competition attracting twelve women players from all states and New Zealand, since its inception in 1998.

At club level, Creina has always been a willing mentor for new club players and makes herself available at all times for Brighton Club’s inter-club local competition teams in both Association and Golf Croquet.  Her croquet career is an excellent example of all-round achievement and a major contribution to the games of croquet.