Working group 6 - start April 2024

The full scope and Terms of Reference for this Working Group are in the process of being defined.

In general terms, the new Working Group 6 will tackle the 2024-2027 Business Plan initiatives of:

Publicity and Promotion of Croquet

To continue to improve the website and our social media presence.

To improve communication with Members by the MC and between Members in the WCF Council.

Specific ideas to be investigated further include:

▪ How to efficiently advertise croquet competitions between members, specifically those open to overseas players (to facilitate cross Member travel and play).

▪ Set up of WhatsApp communication groups between Members for the broader discussion of items.

The Working Group currently includes:

Begoña Elzaburu (Spain) - Chair
José Álvarez-Sala (Spain)
Kristie Middleton (ACA)
Alison Maugham (England)
Duncan Catterall (ERC)