2014 AC WTC Tier 3 – Champion Austria

Austria wins 2014 AC WTC Tier 3

The 2nd WCF Association Croquet Team Championship - Tier 3
Venue: Sussex County Croquet Club, Southwick, England
Dates: 11-16 May 2014

Champion: Austria (Klaus Gollhofer, Martin Guentner, Leopold Walderdorff, Max Walderdorff)

Second: Germany (Wolfgang Usbeck, Bruno Hess, Thomas Magin, Carlos Vieira)

Third: Norway (Roar Michalsen, Birger Stene, Steinar Olsen, Viggo Olsen)

Full results are available at https://croquetscores.com/2014/ac/wtc-tier-2-2-3

The Tier 2.2/3 Association Croquet World Team Championship competition was held at Sussex County Croquet Club near Brighton, England from 11 to 16 May 2014. Seven teams competed, namely Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

Spain, with the youngest team headed for five days of the six by Jose Riva, were installed as the starting favourites and largely justified that status, winning five of their six Tests by 7-3 or more. However, the Austrians also showed excellent form and took Spain to the wire on the final afternoon. Spain finally claimed victory against the Tier 3 team by 6-4 and so completed a clean sweep of six Test victories and became the second winners of the Tier 2.2 competition.

Austria, together with Germany and Norway, were also competing for the Tier 3 trophy but, with five wins out of six, finished comfortably clear of Germany, who had three wins, and thereby finished very worthy winners of the Tier 3 trophy.