August 2017 Newsletter

WCF August 2017 Newsletter

The newsletter provides a summary for WCF Members of what the Management Committee has been doing recently and what is on the agenda in the near future.  Comments are always very welcome.  It is also made available to all on the WCF web-site and via the Nottingham list and other croquet bulletin boards.

Council debates and decisions

Topic 62: A Members’ consultation on the future arrangements for the Under 21 GC World Championship was launched in June.  The consensus was to retain the timing of the U21 GCWC shortly before the main GCWC but, given the strength of U21 Golf Croquet, to dispense with U21 places in the main GCWC.

What has happened since May?

Tiers 2.1, 2.2 and 3 of the Association Croquet World Team Championship were held at Sussex County Croquet Club in England from 17 to 22 July.  In Tier 2.1, Wales regained the title that it won in 2010 with Scotland second followed by Ireland and Spain.  Tiers 2.2 and 3 were played as a merged event.  The onset of heavy rain on the final afternoon prevented the completion of the Tier 2.2 final between Canada and Sweden who therefore were declared joint winners with South Africa in third place.  In Tier 3, Germany defeated the Czech Republic.

Forthcoming WCF championships

2018 Association Croquet World Championship

This will be held in Wellington, New Zealand from Saturday,3 to Sunday, 11 February 2018.  47 Ranking Places and two Wild Card Places were announced on 27 August 2017.  Membership Places will be finalised by 24 September.

2018 Over 50 Golf Croquet World Championship

Egypt has been confirmed as the Event Host for October 2018.

2019 Women’s Golf Croquet World Championship

New Zealand has been confirmed as the Event Host.  The event will be held in Hawkes Bay from Saturday, 2 February to Saturday, 9 February 2019.

2019 Under 21 Golf Croquet World Championship and Golf Croquet World Championship

England has been confirmed as the Event Host for July/August 2019.


Membership enquiries

There are none active at present.

MC Topics recently completed or closed

MC 318:          2017 GCWC and Under 21 GCWC

MC 324:          2017 AC World Team Championship

MC 364:          U21 GCWC future arrangements consultation

MC 365:          Hall of Fame updating

MC Topics currently open

MC 352:          10-year World Championship schedule

MC 362:          2019 Golf Croquet World Championship

MC 368:          2018 Over 50 Golf Croquet World Championship

MC 369:          2019 Women’s Golf Croquet World Championship

MC 370:          2020 GC World Team Championship Tier 2

MC 371:          Format of World Team Championships

MC Topics currently under administration or pending

MC 353:          Golf Croquet Ranking Review Working Group

MC 354:          2018 Association Croquet World Championship

MC 361:          Development

MC 366:          Consolidation of bank accounts

Outlook for September and beyond

The MC’s main focus will be on finalising the 10-year World Championship schedule and managing the arrangements for the 2018 ACWC in Wellington, the 2018 Over-50 GCWC in Egypt and the 2019 Women’s GCWC in New Zealand and agreeing dates for the 2019 U21 GCWC and GCWC in England.

Stephen Mulliner


11 September 2017