An update from Macey White at the Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club

Croquet Friends,

Here at the Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club we are busy getting ready for the 2024 GC World Championship and Qualifier in October.

We have also been busy answering questions.  So, I thought it would be best to share our answers with everyone.  The official answers come from the WCF and the USCA and here is what we have learned:

The Qualifier is scheduled for October 13-16. The World Championship is scheduled for October 18 -26.  Chesapeake Bay is holding a warm-up tournament, the Big Oyster GC Tournament, on October 14-16.

There are three ways to get into the World Championship.

    1. Be offered a WCF Ranking or Wild Card spot. There are 39 of these spots and they have already been selected.  You can find a list on the WCF website here: 2024 GCWC - Ranking Places and Wild Card Places - World Croquet Federation
    2. You can be selected to play by your country. Each country sets its own deadlines, so if interested, get in touch with your local contact as soon as possible.
    3. Enter and win a spot by playing in the Qualifier (top 4 (or more) will make it in).   WCF World GC Championship Qualifier Tournament - Chesapeake Bay CC Hartfield, VA - Events - United States Croquet Association (

You can register for the Qualifier by clicking on the Qualifier in the USCA Calendar, by contacting the USCA office at or by following this link: 2024 GC World Championship - Qualifier Entry

Qualifier Allocation Date: July 14. All entries received as of this date will be sorted in order of World Ranking DGrade (as published at the end of this date [GMT]). Note that the Qualifier Ranking List does not have a minimum games or current ranking requirement.

If the tournament is over-subscribed on this date, entries will be accepted in Ranking List order and the remaining entries will be added to the Qualifier Reserve List. If a space later becomes available, it will be filled by highest-ranked player on the Reserve List as of the date the space became available.

If you end up on the Qualifier reserve list, you can sign up for the Chesapeake Bay Big Oyster.  It runs from Oct 14-16.  If after signing up for the Big Oyster, you get a spot in the Qualifier, your registration fees for the Big Oyster will be refunded.

The Big Oyster is designed to be a high quality GC tournament that runs at the same time as the Qualifier, Oct 14-16.  Chesapeake Bay has 24 courts so there will be no interference between the two events going on at the same time.  We expect that many of the players selected for the Worlds will use the Big Oyster as a warm-up.

The allocation date for the Big Oyster will be August 1.  All players already accepted for the World Championship will be accepted to the Big Oyster if they apply by Aug 1.  Next on the allocation list are traveling companions of world championship players.  We expect that we can accomodate all world championship players and all traveling companions.  Remaining spots will be filled with the highest Dgraded players who have applied by August 1.

For more information or an entry form to the Big Oyster, please email .