2024 GCWC – Ranking Places and Wild Card Places

The WCF have awarded places to the following players:

The full list of players, including the Replacement Ranking List can be found on the event webpage: 2024 GC World Championship

Breakdown of Places
After the response date there were 150 entries for this 80-player event. The Management Committee have agreed the following allocation of places:

Ranking Places = 37
Wild cards = 2
Membership Places = 37
Qualifier = 4

Ranking Places
The places were awarded based on the Initial Ranking List dated end of 2nd April 2024. This is based on their Max DG ranking over 12 months as per Sports Regulations Appendix 2, clause 2.3.

Wild Card Places
The two Wild Cards have been awarded to:
- Addison Matthews from Australia
- Adam Barr from Canada

Member Places - due by 16th May
Members should send the Secretary-General the names of players to be nominated for their Member Places by the Closing Date of 16th May 2024 at the latest. Some Members have already notified the names of their nominees - please note that these can be changed up to the above deadline.

The request for payment of entry fees and Player Information will follow after 16th May.

If any of a Members nominated players for their Membership Places are high on the Replacement Ranking List, we recommend that a reserve is nominated. This is in case a player nominated for a Membership Place gets promoted into the Main Event (due to a withdrawal) shortly before the Closing Date. Per the regulations, if a Member does not nominate enough players for their Member Places then the place is either forfeit or if a Member has players on the Replacement Ranking List, the highest ranked player on that list is automatically awarded the place on the Closing Date.

The number of Member Places available for each Country following the requests received by the Response Date is noted below.

If for any reason a player cannot now take up their place, please notify the Secretary-General as soon as possible so that a replacement can be found. Per the Sports Regulations, the following process is followed in the event of a withdrawal:

Players who have received a Membership Place: when a player withdraws, the Member has 14 days to nominate a replacement, unless the Qualifier Closing date of 29th September is sooner, in which case they have until that date. If no player is nominated a Replacement Ranking Place is awarded, or if the cut-off date of 2nd September 2024 has passed, then the place becomes an extra qualifier from the Qualification tournament.

Withdrawal by a player who received a Ranking or Wild Card place: when a player withdraws, if this is before the cut-off date of 2nd September 2024, then the next most highly ranked player on the Replacement Ranking list at the end of the day the withdrawal is notified will be offered the place. After the cut-off date, the place becomes an extra qualifier from the Qualification tournament.

After the Qualifier Closing date, all withdrawals from the main event become extra qualifiers from the Qualification tournament.