2023 Hall of Fame Nominations – due by 30th September

Nominations to the 2023 WCF Hall of Fame are due by Saturday 30th September.

So far, a total of 51 individuals have been inducted into the Hall of Fame since 2006.  They include some of the greatest players in the history of the game and people who have made other significant contributions to the development and enjoyment of Croquet as administrators, coaches or benefactors.  Many Members have served the game in more than one capacity.

Please send your nominations to the Secretary-General. Nominations may be made by individuals or through Member countries. Please include a citation of not less than 500 words out-lining your nominees croquet achievements. Please also send a decent photo or two that can be used on the website, should their nomination prove successful.

Further information regarding the process, the regulations and existing members of the Hall of Fame can be found on the WCF website at the following links:

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Members