2023 GC Over 50’s Championship Entry Information

The 2023 Golf Croquet Over 50’s World Championship will be held in Western Australia between Saturday 14th October 2023 to Saturday 21st October 2023 at two venues, the Moorabinda Croquet Club (MCC), Bunbury and the Bunbury Tennis Club (BTC) just over the road. There are six courts at Moorabinda and 2 at the Bunbury tennis club.

The Event capacity is 48 players.

Age Restriction! Members and Players are reminded that all entrants for this event must be over 50 on the start date of the event.  “Sports Regulations - Clause 5.1.6.  A player may compete in an Event subject to a minimum age limit if they have attained the minimum age on the first day of the Event.”

The anticipated entry fee for this event is £136 per player.

There will two qualifying tournaments:
- Western Australia, Cambridge Croquet Club, Sunday 8th October to Wednesday 11th October 2023.
- Eastern Australia ,Cairnlea Victoria, Tuesday 26th to Thursday 28th September 2023.
Information on how to enter these will be published separately.
If extra places for the main event become available after the main cut-off date of 27th August, then these will all come from the West Coast qualifier.

An event website will be launched nearer the event, but until then, keep an eye on this page for updates relating to the event.

Block play:  8 blocks of 6 players (48). Top 4 of each block advance to the Knock-Out Stage.

Knock-Out:   The Knock-Out Stage will comprise 32 players.

Entry Method Main Event
Players should submit their availability to their Member Governing Body in accordance with their published entry method. Any applicants from non-Member countries should email their availability, by the response date, to secretary@worldcroquet.org.

Travel, transport, accommodation, and sustenance
Travel: Minibus transport from the hotel to the venue(s) will be provided for the players.
Accommodation: There is a variety of accommodation available in the vicinity of the two facilities, ranging from basic to the higher end of the market. There is four star rated accommodation available. Options will be listed on the event specific website.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are available at the hotel. Hotel can cater for special dietary requirements. Snacks and lunches will be available for purchase at both venues.

Atkins Quadways.

Player Information
Successful entrants should note that contact details, a photograph and a short bio for the programme, must be provided to the Secretary-General as per the published timetable.

Main Event Dates

Invitation Date

15 January 2023

This is the date that Members will be formally invited to send players to participate in this event.

Response Date

15 March 2023

This is the date by which Member nominations for Ranking and Wild Card places must have been received by the WCF Management Committee. Members must also specify the number of Membership Places they wish to take up and RCO's should advise if they would like to request a Membership Place.

Allocation Date

29 March 2023

The World Ranking List to be used to determine the initial allocation of Ranking Places is that published at the end of the Allocation Date. 

Announcement Date

12 April 2023

By this date the breakdown of places will be advised and players awarded an Initial Ranking Place or Wild Card will be announced.

Closing Date

12 May 2023

This is the last date Members can nominate players for their Membership Places. Within 1 to 2 days the MC will announce recipients of Membership Places and Replacement Ranking Places.

Player Contact Details & Bios

10 June 2023

This is the date by which players are asked to provide their contact details, bio's and a headshot photo. 

Entry Fee Due Date

12 June 2023

Per Sports Regn Appendix 2 6.1. Any players awarded a place on the Announcement Date will lose their place if they have not paid by this date.

Main Event Cut-off Date

27 August 2023

This is the date after which returned places are generally filled by creating extra Qualifier Places instead of Replacement Ranking Places. 

Players will be expected to comply with whatever rules the government  or host clubs have in place at the time of the event.

Further information about the event, including the venues, local accommodation and attractions, transport links, the event timetable (including social events) and any other relevant information, will be published nearer the start date.