2023 AC Women’s Championship Replacement Ranking Places

As at 1st September 2022

Following the release of 3 Membership Places that are no longer required, three more players from the Replacement Ranking List have been offered a place in the Event.

Congratulations to the following players who will now be competing in January:

    • Virgina Arney (Australia)
    • Sonya Sedgwick (New Zealand)
    • Kathie Grant (Australia)

Member Places

Members are reminded that they need to send the Secretary-General the names of players to be nominated for their Member Places by 11th September May 2022 at the latest. Some Members have already notified the names of their nominees - please note that these can be changed up to the above deadline.


The Closing date for this event is 22nd November 2022.

If players with a Member Place drop out before this date, Members have 14 days to nominate a replacement. After this, the place reverts to a Replacement Ranking Place.

If players with a Ranking Place drop out before this date, the highest ranked player on the Replacement Ranking list will be awarded the place.

After the 22nd November 2022, any places returned will result in additional places awarded through the Qualifying Event.

The Replacement Ranking List will be generated fresh on the relevant day  (the date a space becomes available) using the same Max DG over 12 months basis.

As at 1st September, the top 10 players on the Replacement Ranking List are: Carissa Price, Bonnie Johnstone, Baubre Murray, Shirley Howlett, Jacky Lynch, Silvia Short.  This list may change if more games are played. The players on this list do NOT yet have a place in the event.