2022 GC WC Member Places Announced

The closing date for Members to nominate players for their Membership places was 8th May. All Members have nominated valid players for their Membership places.

The file below shows these 38 players and also the previously awarded Ranking and Wild Card Places. The player lists are displayed in various orders for ease of use. It also includes the 70 players currently on the Replacement Ranking List.

2022 GC WC Places 8.5.22

There are four places remaining which will be awarded to the qualifiers from the Qualification Event. The closing date for entries to the qualifier, (enter online via the English Croquet Association website), is 25th May 2022.

Player Information

The following information is requested from all the above competing players by 8th June 2022 (or sooner if available).

    • A recent photograph (ideally headshot)
    • One or two paragraphs of biographical details
    • Any food allergies (so we can notify the club catering team)
    • Contact email and mobile phone numbers for during the event (for use by the Tournament Manager

Please note, the photo and bio may be published on the event website and on the WCF website. Some live filming by the Croquet Association may take place during the event, and press may be present taking photographs. Players should note that their results will be published on Croquet Scores. The contact details will be held by the WCF Secretary-General and Tournament Manager only and deleted after the event in line with data protection and privacy best practice.

Entry Fees

These are due by 10th June at the latest. Please pay by bank transfer if  possible, this will avoid costly PayPal charges. Players should be notified how to pay in this way by their Member.


If for any reason a player cannot now take up their place, please notify me as soon as possible so that a replacement can be found. Per the Sports Regulations, the following process is followed in the event of a withdrawal:

Players who have received a Membership Place: when a player withdraws, the Member has 14 days to nominate a replacement; if no player is nominated a Replacement Ranking Place is awarded. If the 14 days expires before the Qualifier closing date of 10/07/2022 the place becomes an extra qualifier from the Qualification tournament.

Withdrawal by a player who received a Ranking or Wild Card place: when a player withdraws, if this is before the cut-off date of 13.6.22, then the next most highly ranked player on the Replacement Ranking list on that date will be offered the place. After the cut-off date, the places becomes an extra qualifier from the Qualification tournament.

After the Qualifier Closing date, all withdrawals from the main event become extra qualifiers from the Qualification tournament.

Further details regarding the venue and programme, will be published on the WCF website and on the Championship website over the coming weeks.