2019 Women’s GCWC – Ranking Places announced

Women’s Golf Croquet World Championship

Hawkes Bay, New Zealand – Saturday, 2 February to Saturday, 9 February 2019

Following the passing of the Response Date on Sunday, 29 July 2018, 20 Membership Places and two Wild Card places were requested by eight WCF Members and 76 players were nominated for Ranking Places.  The Event Capacity is 56.

The players for whom Wild Card Places were requested (Grace Mohi (NZL) and Eleanor Ross (NZL)) have both qualified to receive Ranking Places.  Accordingly, 36 Ranking Places are available and the names of the players to whom they have been awarded are set out below.

The WCF Members which have requested Membership Places are reminded that the names of the players to whom they have been allocated must be notified to the Secretary-General by no later than midnight on the Closing Date, Sunday, 23 September 2018.  Any Membership Place that is not taken up by then will become an additional Ranking Place and will be awarded to the player on the Reserve List with the highest 12 month Maximum Grade on the Closing Date.

Ranking Places

1   Virginia Arney AUS
2   Fleur Brockway AUS
3   Tricia Devlin AUS
4   Wendy Dickson AUS
5   Gail Hopkins AUS
6   Karen Magee AUS
7   Shirlene McBride AUS
8   Janine McHardy AUS
9   Anna Miller AUS
10   Alison Sharpe AUS
11   Judith Wembridge AUS
12   Marwa Abdelrazek EGY
13   Mahetab Abu El Soud EGY
14   Ghada Azmi EGY
15   Maha El Derdiri EGY
16   Iman El Faransawi EGY
17   Mervat El Shazli EGY
18   Perihan El Waei EGY
19   Mona Hegazi EGY
20   Manal Khoudeir EGY
21   Abeer Mostafa EGY
22   Soha Mostafa EGY
23   Maram Nabil EGY
24   Shadin Oukasha EGY
25   Hanan Rashad EGY
26   Pauline Salib EGY
27   Ann Brookes ENG
28   Kathleen Burt ENG
29   Jane Pringle ENG
30   Jayne Stevens ENG
31   Dallas Cooke NZL
32   Grace Mohi NZL
33   Helen Reeves NZL
34   Eleanor Ross NZL
35   Phyllis Young NZL
36   Cheryl Bromley USA