2019 U21 Golf Croquet World Championship survey

2019 Under 21 GCWC survey results

Responses: 15/24 = 62.5%

Q1: Did you attend the player briefing? If so, was the information well-presented and useful? Was the scheduling of the briefing convenient?

All positive

Q2: Was the format of the event appropriate?

Yes: 93%, No: 0%, Other 7%

Q3: Was your number of games each day too many, not enough or about right?

Too many: 0%, About right: 80%, Not enough: 20%

Q4: Was the overall duration of the event too long, too short or about right?

About right: 100%

Q5: Was the event well-managed?

Yes: 93%, No: 0%, Other: 7%

The ‘Other’ referred to bad behaviour by one player which was not dealt with.

Q6: Was the event well-refereed?

Yes: 67%, No: 20%; Other: 13%

Q7: Were the courts of suitable quality?

Yes: 93%, No: 0%, Other: 7%

Q8: Were the balls of adequate quality?

Yes: 100%

Q9: Were the hoops well set?

Yes: 93%, No: 0%, Other: 7%

Q10: How did you rate the event overall?

Very good: 60%, Good: 40%