2019 Golf Croquet World Championship survey

2019 GCWC survey results

Responses: 36/80 = 45% (included one respondent who did not play)

Q1: Did you attend the player briefing? If so, was the information well-presented and useful? Was the scheduling of the briefing convenient?

Generally positive but there were comments about smallness of marquee where it was held, how inside a building would have been better to make hearing easier and the absence of the Egyptians (because of the prohibition on hard hoop running in practice which they did not obey). Transport issues and the spread of venues attracted some negativity.

Q2: Was the format of the event appropriate?

Yes: 78%, No: 3%, Other 19%

Q3: Was your number of games each day too many, not enough or about right?

Too many: 0%, About right: 92%, Not enough: 8%

Q4: Was the overall duration of the event too long, too short or about right?

About right: 83%, Too long: 17%

Q5: Was the event well-managed?

Yes: 89%, No: 3%, Other: 8%

Q6: Was the event well-refereed?

Yes: 78%, No: 8%; Other: 14%

Q7: Were the courts of suitable quality?

Yes: 69%, No: 3%, Other: 28%

Southwick universally praised, West Worthing seen as too slow.

Q8: Were the balls of adequate quality?

Yes: 97%, No: 0%, Other: 3%

Q9: Were the hoops well set?

Yes: 81%, No: 5%, Other: 14%

Southwick setting was good, other venues less so.

Q10: How did you rate the event overall?

Very good: 56%, Good: 39%, Satisfactory: 5%