2017 Under 21 GCWC entries

The Championship will be held at the Victorian Croquet Centre, Cairnlea, Melbourne from Saturday, 18 February to Wednesday, 22 February 2017 in accordance with version 4.8 of the Event Regulations and version 8.8 of the Sports Regulations.

The entry list as at 14 February 2017 is as follows:

1   Australia Anthony Dask
2     Jamie Gumbrell
3     Lana Sexton
4     Charlie Sharpe
5     Jack Williams
6     Edward Wilson
7   Egypt Nadine El Menoufi
8     Ahmed El Nahas
9     Omar El Sayed
10     Mohamed Rashad
11   New Zealand Angus Coulter
12     George Coulter
13     Edmund Fordyce
14     Jamie Fowler
15     Joshua Freeth
16     Jeff Gatchell
17     Jason Hodgett
18     Lachlan Hughes
19     Connell Leahy
20     Declan Leahy
21     Hemi McLaren
22     Grace Mohi
23     Kaleb Small
24     Caitlin Smith
25     Jakob Smith
26     Christopher Spittal
27     Felix Webby
28   United States Ali Kamal


The top two finishers in the Event who do not already have places in the 2017 Golf Croquet World Championship (“GCWC”) and are available to play in the GCWC (which will be held from Saturday, 25 February to Sunday, 5 March 2017 and will be headquartered at the VCC) will be awarded GCWC Wild Card Places.

In addition, a play-off will be held for two Qualifying Places on Thursday, 23 February 2017 between the two highest-placed finishers in the GCWC Qualifying Tournament who have not gained a Qualifying Place and the two highest-placed and available finishers in the Under 21 Golf Croquet World Championship who have not already gained a place in the GCWC.  This provides an additional opportunity for two more Under 21 players to obtain places in the GCWC.