2023 European Team Championship


Well done to the English team - Aston Wade (Captain), Stuart Smith and Euan Burridge.



The 2023 European Team Championship will be held between 2-5 August 2023 at the Cheltenham Croquet Club in Cheltenham, England.

Main Event
The event capacity is up to 16 teams. There will be 10 courts available if required. The entry fee for a team will be £204, based on a rate of £17 per player per day. This rate is subject to ratification by the WCF Council when the 2023 Budget is approved later this year.


National teams of 3 players (1 AC player + 2 GC players per match). A squad may comprise up to 5 players.

The format of the event will be decided according to the number of entered teams, the specific Event Regulations will be drawn and published in due course.

Entry Method
European Members and RCOs should submit their entries, by the response date, to erc@worldcroquet.org.

Player Information
Teams should note that a photograph and a short bio of each player for the programme must be provided to the ERC as per the published timetable.

Further information about the event, including local accommodation and attractions, the event timetable and any other relevant information, will be published nearer the start date.

Key Dates

Invitation Date


This is the date that Members will be formally invited to send teams to participate in this event.

Response Date


This is the date by which Members and RCOs should express their wish to participate. Team members do not have to be known or announced at this stage.

Announcement Date


ERC will announce the names of participating countries.

Team Announcement Date


The date by which Members and RCOs are required to name the players selected for their teams or squads.

Entry Fee Due Date


Entry fees must be paid by this date.

Player Contact Details & Bios


This is the date by which teams are asked to provide their contact details, bios and a headshot photos of their players.

Key Personnel

Tournament Director

Ian Lines

Tournament Manager

Sarah Hayes

WCF Event Lead

Ian Burridge

Tournament Referee

Ian Burridge





Event Announcements

5.6.23 Team Lists announced.

2023 European Teams Team Lists

2.5.23 - Austria withdraw

4.4.23 - Following the call for entries to the European Team Championship to be held on August 2-5 in Cheltenham, England, 11 countries confirmed their participation (in alphabetic order):

Czech Republic

As to the format of the event, the ERC has decided to run it as a round robin event where each team plays each, as this would provide an excellent chance for each team to directly compare with all others. ERC will elaborate detailed Event Regulations and present them to the teams in due course. It is planned that the Awards Ceremony will be over by 5pm on Saturday, August 5, so the travel arrangements can be made accordingly.

Referees Course: July 30-31st
As announced earlier, the ERC is pleased to invite the players to enter a GC Referees Course that will be held on July 30 and 31 (Sunday and Monday) in Cheltenham Croquet Club. The course will be run by two experienced CA referees Ian Cobold and Ian Shore. The afternoon of Day 2 will be devoted to exams, and successful candidates will receive CA certificates.

AC Coaching - August 1st
On Tuesday, August 1 the host club has kindly offered an open AC coaching session for the team players. Alternatively, the players may spend the day practicing GC and/or AC as they wish.

What next?
Next important deadline is June 4th.
By this date, the teams have to:

1) pay the entry fee of £204 (payment details will be provided soon)

2) announce the names of the team players (min 3, max 5)

3) apply for a place in the GC referees course ( July 30-31)

4) provide an expression of interest for the GC coaching drop-in session (August 1)