Gender Policy

Rationale for restricted events

The WCF believe that there is both demand and need for restricted events. These include not only our Women’s events, but also the age limited events. These events are proven to have significant demand, encourage participation and provide global competition for players who would not otherwise get the opportunity to play in international events. They help with the development and growth of our sport and allow an opportunity to meet and compete with players from other countries.

IOC Gender Framework

The WCF has reviewed the International Olympic Committee (IOC) framework published on 8th November 2021 and believe that the principles of inclusion, preventing harm and non-discrimination, as defined by the IOC framework, are suitable for croquet. For further information in relation to the IOC Framework, please see: IOC-Framework-Fairness-Inclusion-Non-discrimination-2021.pdf (

Guidance notes for Players and Hosts

The WCF recognises that the law regarding transgender individuals may differ from country to country. Where there are conflicts with our policy arising from national law, Event Host regulations, club or local by-laws, or local custom, the Event Hosts must make these clear to the WCF in their Event Bid.

In support of the eligibility criteria contained with the policy below, players should ensure that their gender identity is correctly reflected in the WCF World Rankings databases.

Our Policy

WCF Gender Policy v.1