Swiss Tournament Management Spreadsheet

Swiss Tournament Management Spreadsheet

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This a macro-driven Excel spreadsheet designed to assist Tournament Managers to run both formal and flexible Swiss tournaments.

It generates automated pairings, lawn allocations and results tabulation. Formal Swiss pairings are in accordance with the CA Tournament Regulations.

There is also an auto-management mode to allow the players to manage, whilst the Tournament Manager plays!


Download the spreadsheet here.

The following documents may also be downloaded: User GuideQuick Start Guide and 

Automatic Tournament Management Instructions.


I am having problems downloading the spreadsheet? 

As the spreadsheet contains macros you may have have to amend your virus software settings to allow it to be downloaded.  For example, With Norton anti virus software, Excel can give a 'file corrupt message' if opened automatically after the download but opens it OK if you subsequently manually open the file from your download directory.
How do I contact the developer?
Send an e-mail to development at