How the WCF is administered

The WCF is managed by its Member associations through the WCF Council which consists of representative from each WCF Member.  Nowadays, the work of the Council is carried out largely by e-mail debates initiated by the Management Committee ("MC") and managed by the Secretary-General.  The 10 Full Members have between two and eight votes depending on the size of their own membership.  The 11 Associate Members have one vote each.  The nine Observer Members do not have a vote but are included in the distribution of papers and are encouraged to express any views they may have on the subject.

Meetings are still held at some WCF Championships when there are matters of general interest to Members to discuss but these meetings no longer have decision-making authority.  Since 2010, the WCF Council has voted on 41 separate Topics.  Some have been routine annual tasks such as approving the Budget and Accounts and appointing the Indepedent Examiner but others have been of direct interest to players.

The WCF Council devolves day-to-day authority to the MC which consists of the WCF President, the Secretary-General, the Treasurer and six elected members.  Some functions are further delegated to WCF committees.  The Secretary-General is appointed by the MC but all the other mmebers are elected by the WCF Council.  All MC members serve for four year terms.  The President is permitted to serve for two consecutive four year terms while all other members may serve for an unlimited number of four year terms.

MC elections are held by e-mail ballot at the end of the odd-numbered years and retirement dates are staged in order to ensure that the MC membership evolves rather than changes completely.  Currently four vacancies will occur at the end of 2015 and the other four Council-elected members will occur at the end of 2017.  The Secretary-General's term ends on 31 August 2017.

Although the MC's membership is managed to include individuals linked to each of the five largest Members (Australia, Egypt, England, New Zealand and USA) and currently has one from Latvia and one from South Africa, the MC members are not national representatives but are elected to use their best judgement on behalf of the sport of croquet as a whole.

The MC operates by e-mail and regular conference calls.  These are held every fortnight unless there is insufficient business to justify the call.  The calls are a useful way of discussing issues at an early stage and assist the S-G to frame any recommendations to the MC.  The benefit of the MC structure is that it enables decisions to be taken quickly on behalf of the WCF when this is necessary.  The use of e-mail permits the S-G to consult the MC and receive advice and direction within a week.