Croquet variants

WCF recognises all variants of the sport including:

  • Association Croquet
  • Golf Croquet
  • Short Croquet
  • Two-ball Croquet
  • U.S. Six-wicket Croquet
  • U.S. Nine-wicket Croquet
  • Garden Croquet
  • Extreme Croquet
  • Ancient Croquet

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What is Association Croquet?

The lawn and its equipment

A full-sized lawn measures 35 by 28 yards, and is laid out with six hoops and a centre peg. Each ball must pass through each hoop twice, once in each direction, as shown in the diagram.

Championship hoops are made of 5/8" diameter metal forming a 12" high hoop with a straight top. The gap between the uprights is approximately 3-3/4" (1/8" wider than the balls), but this clearance may be reduced for top-level events. Hoops are typically painted white, with the first hoop having a blue top and the last hoop (rover) having a red top.

Championship balls are 3-5/8" diameter, coloured Blue, Black, Red and Yellow and weigh 16oz (454g).

Clips coloured to match the balls indicate which hoop each ball must score next. Clips are placed on the top of the hoop if the ball is for Hoops 1 to 6, or on the hoop upright for the second circuit.

The Object of the Game

Blue and Black play as a partnership against Red and Yellow. In singles, players play either ball of their side; in doubles, each player plays with just one ball throughout the game.

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Next World Championships

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  • 2019 GC World Championship, Southwick, England, 27 July - 4 August
  • 2020 GC World Team Championship, Tier 1, Nelson, New Zealand, 6 - 12 January
  • 2020 AC World Championship Melbourne, Australia, 15 - 23 February