European Golf Croquet Club League Results – IKSKILE Heat 8/9 July

60 games were played, among them 48 singles. After the first two matches all teams were tied at one match won out of two. On the second day, the play continued with further narrow margins.

Ikskile Club defeated Hamburg by 6-4, and secured not only a place at the Grand Final, but also the overall top position. Ealing beat Tolkis by 7-3, and thus earned the other ticket to Roehampton.

Overall, the top team has won just two games more than the last team – a clear indication of the closeness of the playing level of all teams.

Ealing Club presented an elegant table-top flag with national flags of all four clubs.

On Saturday night, there was an enjoyable barbecue party at the club for all players and accompanying persons. After the meal and a few drinks, the players went out to the lawns again to play some friendly matches that lasted until dusk at around 11pm.

For full results visit Croquet Scores: 2023 GC European Club League - Ikskile Heat 8/9 July 2023

2024 European AC Championship – Final Places announced

The 2024 European Association Croquet Championship will be held between 15-18 August 2024 at the Carrickmines Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club in Dublin, Ireland. 

The Closing Date for Membership Places was 16th April 2024.

Out of the 17 Member Places originally requested, 5 were not used by the Members. This released these places to the Replacement Ranking List. One went to Switzerland and one to Austria. After this there were no more players in the Replacement Ranking list from countries that had not reached the ERC country maximum limit of 3 players. The remaining 3 places were therefore allocated to the top 3 players of the RRL, two English and one Irish. The ranking data used was at end 16th April 2024.

If a withdrawal occurs, the list will be re-run with ranking data as at the end of the day that the withdrawal is notified to the ERC.

Entry fee Payment – due by May 16th
Concerning the entry fees (£68 per player), these should be paid by May 16th 2024. Payments direct to the WCF Bank account are always preferred, if at all possible. Our bank details have been emailed to Members and should be forwarded to players. If a direct bank transfer is not possible, then you can use PayPal to pay by credit or debit card via the WCF web site using the following link: ERC - How to Pay your Entry fees

The process is hopefully self-explanatory. You do not need to be a member of PayPal in order to use this option.

Player Information – due by 16th May
The players should also send their player information. As well as contact information required by the Event Management team, a short player bio and a good photograph is required for use by the Irish in their event publicity and website.

Please complete this online Google form:  Player Information Google Form - ERC AC Championship, also due by 16th May.

Note: If you have any trouble uploading the photo (which does effect some people), please email it to me instead and I will pass it on.

2024 ERC AC Championship Player List 17.4.24


2024 European GC Women’s Championship – Final Player List – updated 20th April

17th April - Jane Pringle, England, withdrew.

20th April - Alison Murray, England, being the highest eligible player on the Replacement Ranking List as at end of day 17th April, accepted the offered place.

Attached is file showing all the players, and the current replacement list.

2024 ERC GC Women's Player list updated 20th April


2024 European GC Championship – Member Places updated 2nd April

There are 32 places in the next GC European Croquet Championship scheduled from 16th to 19th May 2024 at Sussex County Croquet Club (England).

12 Ranking Places were announced previously.

The full list of players, including the Replacement List (with DGrades as at 27th March, these may change) can be found in the file below.

2024.04.01. ERC Entry file GC Singles May2024

If any player wishes to withdraw, they should do so via their Member as soon as they become aware that they can no longer play. The DGrades applicable for the Replacement Ranking List are updated at the end of the day that the Secretary-General is notified of the withdrawal.



Member Place Update - 2nd April

Following the withdrawal of Janis Steins, Latvia have picked Tomass Freimanis as their Member replacement.

Please see updated list of Member Places

2024 European Championships – How to pay your entry fees

There are three ERC events coming up that need to be paid for.

European GC Singles Championship16 to 19 May 2024 at the Sussex County Croquet Club near Brighton, England. Will be requested on the closing date 28th March. Due by date: 28th April.

European GC Women’s Championship – 1 to 4 August 2024 at Compton Croquet Club in Eastbourne, England. Will be requested on the closing date 11th April. Due by date: 11th May.

European AC Singles Championship – 15-18 August 2024 at the Carrickmines Croquet & Lawn Tennis  Club, Dublin, Ireland. Will be requested on the closing date of 16th April. Due date 16th May.

The Entry fee for all these events is £68 per player.

Please do not pay until you have been notified that you have been awarded a place in the event. Those on the Replacement List, do NOT yet have a place.  Lists of those with awarded places can be found on the relevant page for each event.

The ERC would prefer that you pay by Bank Transfer. All details on how to do this will be in the email sent to each Member by the ERC Event Lead. This will be sent out shortly after each Closing date and we ask that our Members please forward this information onto their players. Paying in this way incurs lower fees for the ERC and will be very much appreciated.

If you do need to pay by PayPal, please click on the button below:


ERC Update – March 2024

Minutes of Meeting 13th March 2024

Present: Roberts Stafeckis – ERC Chairman, Andrés Alvarez-Sala – ERC, Duncan Catterall - ERC, Alan Looney - ERC, Michael Böer - ERC, José Alvarez-Sala – WCF President, Debbie Lines - WCF Secretary-General, Peter Paynes – WCF Treasurer, Begoña Elzaburu – WCF MC, Samir Patel – WCF MC

European Flags and Trophies

Flags: Will be delivered to all venues by the S-G. Needed - delivery address and contact persons from each hosting club.

Trophies and salvers:  All events have perpetual trophies. Medals and salvers will remain similar type and size as last two years. Purchasing of the trophies and salvers shall be done centrally for all three events.

European GC, Sussex County Croquet Club, England - Event Lead Andres Alvarez-Sala

Ranking Places announced to players from 7 countries, no withdrawals so far. Members to submit names for their membership places by closing date.

European GC Women’s, Compton, England - Event Lead Begoña Elzaburu

Ranking Places announced. Members to submit names for their Membership Places.

European AC, Carrickmines, Ireland – Event Lead Alan Looney

Belgium did not claim membership place in due time. Therefore, there will be no membership place awarded to Belgium. Their player is validly added to the Replacement list and may get a space in this way if not all Members take all their requested Membership places.

European Club League - update on the entry fees

Entry fees from six (out of 28) participants are still missing.
Event agreement yet to be agreed and signed with the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid.

Calendar of European Open events (Peter Payne)

The event list shall be uploaded to the website soon.

Initial discussion on the Member Place Limit for the ERC events (currently 15%)

Discussion was conducted on how the quality of ERC events can be improved and still guarantee membership places to all Members and RCOs.

Proposals were to increase the number of available Ranking Places or change the country limit but a full discussion is to be initiated and conclusion must be found in time to set rules for next year.

Invitation Dates
In order to better manage allocation of Ranking List places out of the RRL it was suggested that Invitations for the 2025 events are sent out earlier in the year.

Withdrawals clarification
Membership - It was clarified that in case of a withdrawal of a player with a membership place, the Member has the right to nominate another player within 14 days. If the vacancy is not filled the place will be offered to the highest ranked player from the RRL, subject to the country limit. Players can be nominated for the RRL at any time without time limit.

Ranking Places – it was clarified that when a Ranking Place withdraws, the highest place person from a country who has not reached their maximum limit, is offered the replacement. This may or may not be from the same country.

If not full - Only if the event is not otherwise full will replacements be taken from countries which have reached the maximum numbers. In which case the highest ranked available players are offered the position.

Other Business

It was discussed whether the ERC should have its own Secretary General to administer ERC events. This would attract a small honorarium. Treasurer shall investigate how funds could be raised to cover the cost of this. This issue would have to be discussed and approved by WCF.

Next meeting: April 16, 2024 18:30 London time.



2024 European AC Championship – Accommodation

Sandy Greig has kindly reserved some rooms a nearby hotel to the Carrickmines club. This is due to the shortage of suitable accommodation in the vicinity of Carrickmines.

Reserved are 5 single and 5 double rooms in the (fairly) nearby Clayton Hotel, Leopardstown,  for the 4 nights of the Championships. This is about 3km from Carrickmines but has a direct public transport connection (LUAS). Price is €190 per night B&B for single occupation and €200 for double.

Sandy needs to give 30 days’ notice of cancellation, so this offer expires 14th July!

To take advantage of this offer, please email Debbie at , and she'll put you in touch with Sandy.


2024 – European Events open to overseas players

Do you want to play in Europe but not sure what events are open to overseas players?

Below are some of the key 'Open' events. This list is not meant to be complete. There will be other events that can be entered too, however, this list may provide some of the more obvious options. Note: to protect from spam, all email addresses have replaced the @ with a #.



Event Name


18th - 19th May


Czech AC Open

18th - 19th May


Helenen Cup GC Doubles Advantage, Hamburg

20th May


Hanseatic Cup GC, Hamburg

31st May - 3rd June


Championships of County Dublin AC, Carrickmines

8th June


Portuguese Open GC, Algarve

21st - 23rd June


Midsummer GC Mixed Doubles, Ikskile

12th - 14th July


Swiss GC Open, Geneva

2nd - 4th August


Swiss AC Open, Geneva

3rd - 10th August


Championships of Ireland AC, Carrickmines

23rd - 25th August


Czech GC Open, Telc

30th August - 1st September


Baltic Open GC, Ikskile

13th -15th September


GC Championships of Ireland, Carrickmines

14th - 15th September


Chairman's Shield GC, Algarve

10th - 11th October


Benamor Open Doubles & Singles GC, Algarve

UK events
Almost all events published in the CroquetEngland Online Fixtures List are open for overseas entries, unless it specifies to the contrary in the conditions.
Croquet England Online Fixtures Calendar

To enter events published on this calendar you must first register for (or renew) a Reciprocal Rights Account. If you have any problems, you can contact the CA Office ( for assistance. Once submitted, the office should take approximately one working day to provide the necessary access so that you may then enter your chosen event online.

This information, along with all the details about this years ERC Championships and the Club League, can be found on the ERC Events page


2024 European AC Championship – Ranking Places announced

The 2024 European Association Croquet Championship will be held between 15-18 August 2024 at the Carrickmines Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club in Dublin, Ireland. 

There are 20 places in this event. Per ERC regulations, each country is therefore limited to a maximum of 3 places. 17 membership places were requested which leaves us with 3 ranking places. The three ranking places go to Jose Riva from Spain, James Death from England and Andrew Johnstone from Ireland.

Ranking and RRL places as at 16.3.24

The Membership Places requested are:

      • Full Members, receiving two places: England, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Wales
      • Associate members, receiving one place: Latvia, Switzerland
      • RCO, receiving one place: Portugal

Members: if you have not already specified who is to receive the above Membership places, you must do so before the Closing date of April 16th.  If we do not receive specific named individuals by 16th April, our regulations require us to give the places to the highest ranked players you have previously nominated, or if you haven’t nominated enough people, then the place is forfeit and will revert to the Replacement Ranking List.

Please send your nominations to Alan Looney, Event Lead, and cc Debbie Lines, Secretary-General and Roberts Stafeckis, Chair of the ERC.


All countries: it’s not too late for more players to be added to the Replacement Ranking list (criteria apply). Should withdrawals occur, they might still get in. If you have anybody who wishes to play, please let us know via email.

2024 European GC Women’s Championship – Ranking Places announced (RRL Updated 12.3)

The 2024 GC European Women's Championship will be held between 1-4 August 2024 at the Compton Croquet Club, Compton, Eastbourne, England with 32 players. 

There will be 16 Ranking places awarded and 16 membership places.

The document below shows the Ranking places awarded as well as the Replacements Ranking lists.

Ranking and RRL lists - updated 12th March
Note: RRL has changed 2 or 3 times since first published. 

Members are reminded that if you have not already specified who is to receive your Member places, you must do so before the Closing date of April 11th. 

Please note: some of you will need to nominate new people, as all your current nominees received Ranking Places, leaving you nobody left to receive your Membership Place(s). If we do not receive specific named individuals by the 11th April, our regulations require us to give the places to the highest ranked players you have previously nominated, or if you haven’t nominated enough people, then the place is forfeit and will revert to the Replacement Ranking List.

All countries: it’s not too late for more players to be added to the Replacement Ranking list (criteria apply). Should withdrawals occur, they might still get in. If you have anybody who wishes to play, please let us know via email.

2022 Champion - Begoña Elzaburu